About every 5,000 miles, tires need to be rotated from front to back and side to side to ensure even tread wear. Otherwise, the life of the tires becomes shorter. When needing tire repairs or replacements, see one of our technicians at Mtn. View Lincoln.

Tires wear depending on the vehicle's drive type. The tires on front-wheel drive vehicles wear faster due to the friction they endure. Conversely, tires on rear-wheel-drive vehicles suffer more torque, which causes faster wear. By rotating the tires, the tread lasts longer. Rotations also help the tires wear more evenly, which provides better braking and cornering.

The type of tire rotation pattern needed depends on the individual vehicle. The front tires may be switched with the rear tires in an “X” pattern. Rear tires may be crossed to the front while rear tires move directly backward. Rear tires might move straight forward while the front tires are crossed and moved backward.



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