A Glimpse at the Lincoln Continental's Technology Features

Our team at Mtn. View Lincoln strives to keep our customers updated about our vehicles. If you are intrigued by the Lincoln Continental, it is a luxury sedan that comes with a number of features. Let's explore a couple of its technology features.

With the Lincoln Continental, you get dynamic adaptive HID headlamps. These standard headlamps can swivel from side-to-side with the steering wheel for enhanced visibility. When you turn the steering wheel, the beam of light moves in the direction of the turn. This feature works when the vehicle is moving at speeds between one to 35 mph. You can choose the available adaptive full-LED headlamps that make it easier to see pedestrians and other objects by widening the low-beam pattern.

The Lincoln Continental also comes with Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. This feature enhances safety and could help lessen the severity of impact during a collision. With the use of camera and radar technology, this feature scans the road for possible frontal collisions, and it can even apply the brakes if the driver hasn't taken corrective action in a timely manner.



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