Wheel alignments are a relatively inexpensive part of auto maintenance yet one we tend to overlook. After spending money for new tires and having them balanced and/or rotated, we often feel we’ve spent enough time and money and are in a hurry to leave. At Mtn. View Lincoln, we want you to understand the importance of regular alignments.

When your wheels are misaligned, you might notice these signs.?
  • Uneven or premature tire wear
  • Vehicle will pull to the right or left without you turning the steering wheel
  • The steering wheel is crooked despite you driving straight
  • Tires begin to squeal
Your vehicle should be aligned any time you put on new or different tires even if they don’t exhibit those trouble signs. You may also want them checked any time you have work done around the wheels.

If your vehicle is in need of an alignment or you want it checked out, stop at our Chattanooga shop, and let us service your vehicle.



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