The last thing you want inside your expensive automotive investment is a bunch of pet hair. And at Mtn. View Lincoln, we care that you are informed of techniques for pet hair control. So, whether it's prevention or removal, here are a few pointers you should know:

If you are really nit-picky, you may just want to use a kennel or a cage to prevent your pet from moving freely inside the vehicle. Or at least you can use blankets or seat protectors to help avoid a hairy mess. Brushing your pet before entering the automobile is never a bad idea.

When it comes to removing the hair from your car, you can try a number of different tricks, while using a vacuum alongside to clean up as you go. Rubbing your upholstery down with a fine bristled brush, inflated balloon, and fabric softener with paper towels are all great ways to remove your pet's hair.



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