Front-Wheel Drive And Rear-Wheel Drive Advantages And Disadvantages

When you come to Mtn. View Lincoln to look at vehicles, you will find models that offer front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of these two drive systems?

Rear-wheel drive is found mostly on sports cars and large luxury cars. Rear-wheel drive is able to provide better balance when driving. Because of this, rear-wheel drive offers better handling and more sporty performance. The biggest drawback of rear-wheel drive is how it performs in bad weather. Rear-wheel drive usually performs poorly on snow covered roadways.

Front-wheel drive is found on most vehicles on the market today. Front-wheel drive pulls the vehicle along instead of pushing it as does rear-wheel drive. For this reason, front-wheel drive provides superior performance in snowy and slick conditions. Front-wheel drive's major drawback is that it can be very expensive to repair if there should be some type of damage to the drive system.


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